Lucsa Cargo Ocean Freight

The basis of international trade. In Lucsa Cargo we work with the main shipping companies in the world, which allows us to reach virtually any point on the planet through sea routes.

International maritime transport involves carrying out a series of legal and customs procedures that must be followed to ensure that the cargo arrives at its destination in optimal conditions. In Lucsa Cargo we are experts in customs and documentation management for international transport. We will advise you on everything from how you should pack or label your cargo to how to fill in the necessary documentation.

We have all kinds of standardized and homologated sea containers to cover any need for freight transport. Although the maritime container is the most used transport unit for cargo movement, in Lucsa Cargo we can adapt to any volume of merchandise, no matter how small, dry cargo, bulk, palletized merchandise or refrigerated transport.


Full Container Load (FCL)

We have solutions designed to suit your needs

Less than Container Load (LCL).

The maritime groupage or LCL consolidation allows you to send your cargo without having to fill a container.

IMO Freight

Dangerous goods or IMO (International Maritime Organization) goods are those that, due to their properties and characteristics, represent a risk to the safety and health of people.